Car Safety Tips for Winter Driving

With ice, sleet, snow, and poor visibility, maneuvering a car in the wintertime can pose a mighty dilemma for many, as driving conditions only worsen with drastic weather changes. In order to increase the safety of you and your passengers, it is important to both appropriately prepare your car for the winter, as well as follow a few driving safety tips.

Skiing in Hemel Hempstead

Aspen, Grindelwald, St. Moritz, Davos…. Hemel Hempstead! What do all of the above names have in common? Well, you can ski all year round in them all…. except the first four! Okay, so Hemel is never going to have the same magical association as St Moritz but it has raised itself into the rarefied atmosphere of being a serious sky resort thanks to a new development called The Snow Centre.

Skiing; The Fastest Way To Fall Down A Mountain

The difference between dry slope skiing and real snow is unimaginable. That’s why it is well worth taking a ski holiday during the winter months. On an inaugural days skiing teetering at the start of a run, a common mistake to make as you set off is to think that dry slope skiing prepares you in any way.

Have Fun Skiing With Young Children

So you’ve finally decided to take your family with small children on a ski vacation? Good for you! Playing on the slopes together is a great way for a family to bond while getting plenty of exercise and enjoying the beauty of the mountains. But skiing with young children presents its own set of challenges too.

Taking Skiing Holidays To Another Dimension

One of the most popular and oldest form of activity holiday and still remains to this day a top choice for many young people and families, is skiing. It is a holiday that is guaranteed to revitalise and refresh your senses, whilst providing an opportunity to relax on the resort chalets. One of the more popular destinations is ski holidays in Chamonix.

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